About Us

Mission of Fresh Original Food LLC

It is our desire to enhance the lives of our clients, partners, and community by providing fresh, tasty, and healthfully prepared meals in all our venues and outlets. We know that everyone’s definition of “healthy” meals is different, yet some similarities exist across the board. Fresh whole foods, a balance of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and naturally occurring proteins. Where that balance lies for you is as individual as you are.
We seek to enhance the lives of our partners by providing an engaging work environment that teaches leadership, creative thought, and a passion for food and people.
It is our belief that by impacting the lives of our clients and partners that they will positively affect the lives of those in their world.

Fresh Original Food LLC-Where vision and purpose become reality.

After struggling most of my adolescence and early adulthood with maintaining a healthy weight and body image I finally started putting the pieces together of how diet affected exercise and general wellness. I am still amazed today at how the subtle differences in what we intake can affect how we look, feel, and perform. About 5 years ago I started taking greater control of how, when and what I eat and found that a paleo lifestyle had the greatest positive impact on me and became quite obsessed. Pair this with a lifelong passion for delicious foods and great service and the birth pangs of Fresh Original Food LLC began. Now those visions of positively impacting people through FOOD are becoming reality as we present our deliciously tasty meals in prepacked convenience meals and off site catering services.
We hope you will enjoy and look forward to serving you.

Locally sourced

Made fresh